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What a Telecom Midlands Limited Solution offers a customer is:
  - Simple to use equipment and features.
- NEC reliability, supported by a company with over 21 years of experience.
- Highly competitive pricing - Both purchase and rental packages available.
- Scalable technology with affordable pricing - uses a building block approach that enables the system to be expanded at minimal cost..
- Future proof technology providing investment protection.
- Flexibility - enables you to buy what you need today and as your needs develop.
- Optional maintenance packages - No installation & run approach.
What to expect from a Telecom Midlands Limited solution.
From the information we gather from discussions with a customer, a solution will be developed that will be tailored to meet all of the customers requirements and budget. Once we have receieved a customers approval of the solution, a team review meeting will be then held with one of Telecom Midlands Limited's Project Managers who will be responsible for taking the project forward.
Dedicated Project Team
TML will allocate a Designated Project Manager working to ISO9001/OFTEL standards who will liaise with both the customer and the installation teams on every aspect of the solution installation ensuring a smooth transition. Once on site, the installation will be carried out by TML engineers who are fully trained and certified system installers.
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